The Bells of Notre Dame, 2017 novel by Jean-Thomas Cullen


= 2019 Fire & 2017 Novel =

Fire Tragedy 15 April 2019 at Notre Dame de Paris When the world-famous Notre-Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris) Cathedral was suddenly consumed by fire in April 2019, the author decided to capture a moment in time, now forever lost to history, that comes alive in this novel. Readers will understand the reason as they follow the love story of Marc and Emma, and the adventures of their friends. The 2019 text is identical to that of 2017, except for a new title that justifiably focuses on the most important, climactic part of the 2017 novel.

2017 Novel The author published this novel in 2017 as Paris Affaire, never suspecting that his dramatic love story would assume special new resonance in April 2019. Without giving away any of the story, just know that most of the 2017 novel takes place within the range of sound of Notre Dame's great bells; and moreover, the bells play a major role in the story's outcome, as readers will learn to their delight and amazement. You'll never see the two major outcomes of the story coming.

Deeper Background: 1977 Novel As the revised 2019 Preface and also 2019 Author Notes relate in the book, this novel has an even longer history. It is actually the author's 2017 remake of a much older novel he wrote while stationed in Europe as a young U.S. Army soldier in the 1970s. That novel is On Saint Ronan Street (separately available), a very different New England love story, whose plot structure and characters the author adapted in 2017 to create this new Paris-based story of a passionate love affair. More info on this fascinating background soon.


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2017 Paris novel Reissued April 2019 After Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

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click to visit Amazon book pageAlso Available: Print and E-Book Editions. By amazing and fateful coincidence, this romantic, riveting 2017 novel touches tender heart strings bruised in the April 2019 fire at the famous Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.