The Bells of Notre Dame, 2017 novel by Jean-Thomas Cullen


The Bells of Notre Dame

A 2017 Novel by Jean-Thomas Cullen

A Paris Love Affaire - a Young Poet and his Angel in the City of Light

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Selected Info After the 15 April 2019 fire, the Web was especially flooded with tributes. Here are just a few links about the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. Some other links follow, relating to this novel and its long (nearly half century) history. My 1976 New Haven novel written as a young U.S. soldier stationed in Germany (for which, see *History* on this site). On Saint Ronan Street begat a 2017 Paris novel Paris Affaire which, in the hours following the 2019 fire, became (for great reasons) The Bells of Notre Dame.

YouTube Videos.

Music and images speak better than words, so let's start with some YouTube clips from the Notre Dame. I'll just post a few; you can find many more like it, especially since the 15 April 2019 fire…

Te Deum Laudamus (We Praise You, O Lord…)
Vespers   Evening Prayers (*)
Hail Mary (sung in Latin)
Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum—Mary: My Soul Magnifies the Lord (Luke 1:46-55)

Wikipedia Pages.
Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral
Tragic Fire of 15 April 2019

News Media.
BBC Report: Rich Graphics analysis
BBC Report: 360 degree views (video)
BBC Report: The Bees of Notre Dame

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*POEMS: I wrote well over 425 poems as a teenager and young adult, a few published long ago, all collected in a massive archive. I have released most of them in three volumes, one of them available to free free (see October Leaf above. Two others currently only available to buy are Postcards to My Soul and Cymbalist Poems (the companion volume of On Saint Ronan Street. Poems attributed to the fictional poet Marc Fontbleu in my Paris novel are from these same sources. More info soon.

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2017 Paris novel Reissued April 2019 After Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

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click to visit Amazon book pageAlso Available: Print and E-Book Editions. By amazing and fateful coincidence, this romantic, riveting 2017 novel touches tender heart strings bruised in the April 2019 fire at the famous Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

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